In 2008, the Lef Group, a reference in the production of ceramic tiles, started a new phase in the company. The installation of the wet production line for the production of porcelain tile and monoporous coating, the ViaRosa Porcelanato brand was created.

Currently, ViaRosa is a national and international reference in the production and commercialization of porcelain and monoporous coatings. Launching new concepts, new trends and bringing the most innovative in the world market. The brand still maintains its position among the leaders of this market with a complete portfolio of products with the most varied color options, formats and textures that meet the highest requirements.

Qualified representatives, distributed by regional, are responsible for customer service throughout the country. The foreign market is serviced by our foreign trade team and various agents all over the world.

Our production processes for ceramic coatings go through the most diverse and modern quality controls, from the extraction or choice of raw materials, to the classification and palletization of the finished products, always guaranteeing an excellent quality.

Postures such as these, make the Lef Group a dynamic and innovative company always exceeding the expectations of its customers. Making the opening of new markets only a consequence of their work.


Responsibly transforming natural resources into products for coating environments with innovation, beauty and quality.


In 5 years, be among the 3 largest floors and ceramic tiles in Brazil, creating and inspiring trends, satisfying clinics, suppliers and employees.


  • Ethic

  • Excellence

  • Social responsability

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ROX, the LEF Group's newest brand, was launched in early 2015 and features a democratic and balanced design concept in the design of ceramic tiles and the mission of offering products that combine quality, current design and cost-effectiveness. It stems from the experience of over twenty years of Lef Group's performance in the ceramic tile industry. With a well-segmented portfolio, ROX offers the marketplace products that meet the demands of both indoor and outdoor areas for both commercial and residential environments. Located in Piracicaba, the industrial park has the most modern Italian and Spanish equipment for the production of floors and coatings in porcelain, monoporous and red base ceramics.